BWT bestaqua ROC


Kompaktiškas atbulinio osmoso vandens filtras

  • Galimi dviejų dydžių su 120 l/h ir 180 l/h filtrato našumu
  • Labai efektyvus ir galingas – pritaikytas maisto pramonei
  • Idealiai pritaikomas indų plovimui ir garų prietaisuose
  • Efektyvi didelio kiekio demineralizuoto vandens gamyba
  • Tvarus dėl labai mažo nuosėdų susidarymo
  • Išteklius taupanti „plug-and-play” technologija – išpakuokite, prijunkite ir naudokites
  • Lengvas valdymas per telefoninę programėlę, naudojant „Bluetooth” technologiją.

* Į kainą įtraukta BWT bestaqua membrana

bwt ro sistemos specifikacijos

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BWT bestaqua ROC systems were developed specificaly for use in the gastronomy and hotel industries. Its unique reverse osmosis technology sets new standards in water optimisation.

Specially designed for high water usage and reproducible water properties. Selective enrichment with magnesium for peak sensory results.

Equipped with the BWT bestaqua MEMBRANE module, it is highly efficient and produces purified water that is ideal for dishwashing technology and for steam generation for combi steamers or steam cookers, as well as for steam used in baking.

RO sistemos įdiegimo instrukcija (EN)

The compact ROC system is a typically supplied as multi-stage treatment process:

  1. Pre-filtration with a fibron carbon filter to remove sediment and chlorine.
  2. bestaqua 14/16 ROC Reverse Osmosis system  to reduce all dissolved solids including salt and hardness ions.
  3. Storage tank.
  4. (optional stage) Remineralisation to add minerals for full coffee flavour.

Technical benefits of the BWT bestaqua ROC system at a glance:

  • High permeate capacity of 120 – 180 l/h
  • High salt retaining rate of > 97%
  • High permeate yield of up to 50%
  • Adjustable and monitored output quality avoids corrosion risk
  • Very compact and service-​friendly
  • Simple filter replacement without using tools



Coffee Machines – Equipment protection and optimum coffee flavour profile
Steamer Ovens – Scale prevention and protection from corrosion
Water Dispensers – great tasting water from most water quality sources
Dishwashers – for spot free rinse results
Commercial Use – for all potable water applications


BWT bestaqua 14 ROC – sistema (pilna), BWT bestaqua 16 ROC – sistema (pilna)


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