Mineralisation plus activated carbon

  • Delivers the perfect water for producing hot beverages with top sensory attributes
  • Creates a balanced mineral content in the water with higher magnesium content
  • Special filter system for remineralising water that is virtually salt-free
  • Ideal for soft water areas as well
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BWT bestmin PREMIUM is a filter system ideal for use downstream of reverse osmosis systems for optimising low-mineral water in order to make sensorily perfect coffee, coffee specialities or tea. The modular multi-stage filter removes undesirable ingredients such as particles, flavourings and odours such as chlorine.

A sufficiently high mineral content in the water is important for the best possible coffee taste. Otherwise, the taste is often flat, even at high coffee doses. In addition, the coffee powder can swell up too much, causing a negative impact on the brewing process

Technical features

  • Multistage filtration
  • Integrated active carbon filtration
  • Filtration of the complete processed water
  • Simplest handling when changing filters
  • Easy to install using universal BWT besthead FLEX connection system

The filter head is not included.


Filter sizeM
Typical capacity in litres10,000
Height without bracket (B) in mm475
Height with bracket (A) in mm500
Connection height (C) in mm425
Filter cartridge diameter (D) in mm130
Weight in kg (dry/wet)4.1/5.6
Filter cartridge order no.FS24M10A00


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