Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular products are in our warehouse, but other ones goes from manufacturer.

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Water quality varies from each community as aging infrastructure, environmental damage and industrial pollution contaminates the water. In addition, toxic chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride are commonly used to treat municipal water supplies and are proven to negatively affect humans. A water filtration system can remove and block pollutants and treat (improve taste, odor and mineral content) tap water to such an extent that it does not constitute any threat to human health. water filtration systems for residential applications are not only useful but necessary in every home. Bottled water is often thought to be a safer alternative, 20‐40% of bottled water is not filtered appropriately, and still contains contaminants. Even when filtered well, the packaging may contaminate the water.

Tap water is already treated. The maximum permissible hardness of water in Lithuania is 28°dH (German degrees). This means that the water is not harmful to humans, but it is very hard and causes a lot of problems in the home. The average hardness of public water in Baltic states is around 18°dH, which is why many are confronted with lime water and its consequences every day.

Don’t worry, BWT water filters are compact in size and easily installable under the sink, so it they fit well with condo management’s strict requirements.

All products for are authentic and made in Germany BWT manufactures.