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High-quality water is required in any restaurant, house, office, coffee shop, or bakery. BWT filtration systems improve the taste of beverages and food while also protecting your equipment from failure.


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Drinking enough water every day is important, but so is the quality of the water you drink. Clean drinking and cooking water is essential for maintaining successful business and good health. Our products are known for their efficiency, durable construction, and eco-friendly materials. Our aqua cartridge filters have a wide range of applications, including under-sink home uses, restaurants, offices, hotels, laboratories and more. It has been designed to offer an economic price option for all businesses and homes with various sizes for any needs.

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Solutions for optimal water quality in gastronomy

Speciality coffees & teas

The menu and the service that the catering industry offers is unique. They provide a service that can’t be duplicated or bought from anyone else. And as such, they require equipment and supplies that are specifically tailored to their needs. This is where we come in with our numerous commercial water filters for the catering industry (HoReCa). BWT cartridges are Ideal for the production of hot beverages.

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I found the sales department very helpful as I had a minor issue when trying to use a promotional voucher. They helped me though the purchase of the new water softener.


Exceeded expectations. After a small mistake with the order, put right brilliantly, the jug and cartridges arrived. Very pleased indeed. Excellent quality and design, easy to use and stylish. Best of all the water really does taste different and delicious. Highly recommended. Great customer service team too! 🙂


Fantastic water filters, excellent quality, well made and the water tastes like mineral water. These water filters are so good I have bought several more as they make great presents. Have used everyday for a month and there is no drop in water filtration.


❤ Favourite cartridge for fresh taste in your home ❤

BWT besttaste


Activated carbon for taste improvement

  • Activated carbon filter system for optimising water for the restaurant and catering industry
  • Mineralisation for higher magnesium content ensures optimum extraction results for coffee
  • Used for raw water with low limescale content, also in hot beverage makers
  • Reduction in heavy metal content
  • Economic use for any water needs due to various filter sizes
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